STL Lab publishes a series of articles through it's WeChat Public Account (ID: MIT-STL-Lab) to explore the concept of socially responsibe real estate entrepreneurship. As WeChat is a Chinese platform, all the content is in Chinese. Please scan the QR code below to follow us, or view the articles cross-posted below.



03/22/17  用理想主义的色彩照亮现实

                2017 STL Lab Socially Responsible Real Estate Entrepreneurship Workshop 

03/10/17  刘宇波:中国大学校园空间形态演进的再思考

                Yubo Liu: Rethinking the Evolution of China's University Campus Morphology

03/04/17  甘犁: “鬼城”?为什么中国有5000万间空置住房

                Li Gan: “Ghost” Towns?: Why 50 Million Housing Units in China are Vacant

02/24/17  新展览深度展示中国学生在麻省理工学院求学历史

                New Exhibit Delves into History of Chinese Students at MIT

01/09/17  DesignX选出第一批团队——八只队伍加入MIT最新设计创业加速器

                DesignX Selects First Cohort



12/30/16  始创有道——李德义实验室2015-2016回顾

                STL Lab 2015-2016 Review

12/21/16  刘健:城乡二元结构对空间发展的影响——乡村规划与乡村复兴

                Jian Liu: Impacts of Urban-Rural Dual System on Spatial Development

12/15/16  肖媛:让土地飞

                Yuan Xiao: Making Land Fly——Land Quota Markets in China              

11/22/16  傅十和:中国农民工是否从城市劳动市场聚集经济获益?

                Shihe Fu: Learning in Chinese Cities: Do Rural Migrants Benefit from Agglomeration Economies?

11/14/16  叶嘉安:理解中国城市发展和经济转型中政府和市场的相互作用

                Anthony Yeh: The Interplay of Urban Development and Economic Transition in China

11/08/16  [慕课报道] 社会和环境影响评估:社会责任地产开发的关键

                Prof. Larry Susskind Discusses Socially-Responsible Real Estate Development

11/03/16  麻省理工学院在华开启房地产硕士学位奖学金项目

                MSRED & STL Fellowships for Chinese Youth

10/25/16 《造市者》新书提出:有效的碳排放权市场交易是独特的,而非普适的

                Market makers:Good emissions trading programs are unique, not one-size-fits-all, new book argues.

10/17/16  吴缚龙:理解中国城市及其对城市规划理论研究的价值

                Fulong Wu: Understanding Chinese Cities and Their Implication for Urban Theory

10/04/16  中国新政策将加速二氧化碳减排,且不妨碍经济增长

                Study: China’s new policies will lower CO2 emissions faster, without preventing economic growth

09/29/16  离开原点,拥抱更大的世界

                2016 STL Fellow: Zixiao Yin

09/20/16  游戏:责任地产教育帮手

                A Novel Approach to Teaching Socially Responsible Real Estate: Games

08/29/16  美国麻省理工学院专家出席低碳社区中美专家研讨会(视频)

                MIT Experts Attend Sino-U.S. Symposium on Low Carbon Community

08/08/16  康宇雄博士畅谈土地重组(视频)

                World Bank Interview with Dr. Hong on Land Readjustment

08/01/16  Max Woodworth | 中国的库存地产:市民和政府的角色(演讲稿)

                Ghost Cities: The Role of Citizens and the Government

07/25/16  2016年110万美元李德义研究种子基金授予MIT9个研究项目

                DUSP, CRE, and STL Lab Award $1.1 Million in Second Round of Faculty Research Funding

07/18/16  李德义研究种子基金首批项目中期汇报视频

                2015 STL Faculty Seed Fund Interim Report

06/28/16  MIT行动学习项目展望中国医疗地产

                MIT Action Learing Program focuses on Medical Real Estate in China

06/16/16  社会责任版“大富翁”——MIT全球首个社会责任地产游戏今夏中国测试

                STL Lab Real Estate Education Game China Summer Testing

06/08/16  [中国系列讲座] 陈蔚镇 | 从住区到社区——中国社会责任地产的语境、表征与实践

               [China Talk Series] CHEN Weizhen-Towards Community Planning-Socially Responsible Real Estate in China

06/02/16  [中国系列讲座] 田成川 | 中国城镇化的低碳创新:以低碳社区为例

               [China Talk Series] TIAN Chengchuan-Innovation in Chinese Urbanization-An introduction of a Community-based Low-Carbon Project in China

05/27/16  麻省理工学院发布在线教育政策报告

                MIT releases Online Education Policy Initiative report

05/11/16 《规划实践》记录MIT规划系十年项目实践史

                Book celebrates MIT urban planning projects that solve real-world problems

05/04/16  MIT建筑与规划学院院长Hashim Sarkis访谈

                Interveiw with Dean Hashim Sarkis

04/28/16  康宇雄 | 公共土地批租制度下土地增值分配交易成本:以香港为例

                Transaction costs of allocating increased land value under public leasehold systems: Hong Kong

04/25/16  MIT建筑专业蝉联全球第一,艺术与设计专业荣列全球第二

                MIT named No.1 university worldwide for architecture, No.2 for art and design

04/19/16  全球思考,本地着手: 国际货币基金组织总裁呼吁新技术与政策转变以满足人口增长

                Thinking globally, speaking locally: IMF managing director calls for new technology, shifting policy to meet population growth.

04/13/16  真正实现太阳能潜力——地图网站告诉你屋顶上是否值得安装太阳能板

                Realizing your true solar potential: Mapping website tells building owners if going solar is worth the cost of installation. 

04/06/16  2016年联合城市设计工作室:上海民生码头

                2016 Beijing Joint Studio: Shanghai Minsheng Dock

03/30/16  对话王世福教授2:街区制和城市规划

                Interview with Professor WANG Shifu2: Gated Community and Urban Planning

03/20/16  对话王世福教授:城市更新与新常态

                Interview with Professor WANG Shifu: Urban Renewal and the New Normal

03/11/16  麻省理工学院全球地产论坛

                MIT World Real Estate Forum

03/02/16  社会责任行动将影响大学录取

                Consideration of Character in College Admissions

03/01/16  乡味依旧——麻省理工-东南大学“乡村都市主义”联合设计工作坊

                MIT-Southeast University "Rural Urbanism" Joint Studio

02/11/16   STL研究生奖学金获得者David和他的竹子自行车

                 STL Fellow David and His Beijing Bamboo Bicycle

02/01/16   邵挺博士“新常态下的中国房地产行业发展战略”

                 Dr. TING SHAO: China's Housing Development Strategy in the "New Normal"

01/28/16   中国房屋库存情况与合作机遇

                 Housing Inventory in China and Opportunities for Collaboration

01/22/16   高科技产业将重塑城市空间

                 Will the New Industrial City Work? 

01/11/16   于中心城市之外重塑都市生活 

                 Rethinking Urban Life beyond the Central City