Last May, the STL Lab’s Case Study Initiative released its inaugural Request for Proposals to solicit our first round of MIT Case Studies. We received 11 applications, and are proud to announce that the following six applications were approved. The research teams will work with the STL Lab’s creative production team over the course of the next year to collaboratively develop unique multimedia, immersive, and thought-provoking learning experiences. Stay tuned for updates regarding the further development of the Case Study Initiative.

    Principal Investigator(s): Miho Mazareeuw, Department of Architecture; and Fadi Masoud, Department of Urban Studies & Planning
    Case Title: Seeking Resiliency in South Florida
    Case Location: Southeast Florida, USA

    Principal Investigator(s): Lawrence Susskind, Department of Urban Studies & Planning
    Case Title: The Forest City Mega-Project: Multiple Perspectives on a Case of Chinese Coastal Real Estate Development in Malaysia
    Case Location: Johor, Malaysia

    Principal Investigator(s): YaSheng Huang and John Grant, Sloan School of Management
    Case Title: MIT Sloan Action Learning Case: Vantone Holdings
    Case Location: Beijing, China

    Principal Investigator(s): P. Christopher Zegras, Department of Urban Studies & Planning
    Case Title: Ciudad Azteca (Transit-Oriented Development & Grupo Prodi)
    Case Location: Mexico City, Mexico

    Principal Investigator(s): Albert Saiz and Kairos Shen, Center for Real Estate
    Case Title: The South Boston Waterfront Innovation District: The Power of Public Benefits in Shaping the Identity of an Urban District
    Case Subject: Negotiating public benefits in the South Boston Waterfront Innovation District’s development
    Case Location: Boston, MA 

    Principal Investigator(s): Brent Ryan, Department of Urban Studies & Planning
    Case Title: Revising the Urban Redevelopment Model in China: Heritage Planning and Development Rights Transfer in the Nanhuaxi Area
    Case Location: Guangzhou, China