Case Studies

The STL Lab is creating multimedia case studies to serve as supplements for the MOOCs. 

We are pleased to announce the first request for proposals for the STL Lab’s Case Study Initiative from faculty and research scientists across MIT. Initial teams will have the opportunity to pilot an innovative, multimedia form of case method delivery and dissemination developed by the STL Lab. The intent is to provide engaging content with an emphasis on global education with high potential for societal impact.

The Lab´s case studies are designed to be Multimedia (utilizing audio, video, and data); Immersive (allowing students to immerse deeply within the social situation in the case,) and Thought-provoking. The case studies will also feature crowd-sourced material, allowing users to create content and cases to evolve over time. The case studies will be used in three channels:

  1. Massive, Open, Online Courses (MOOCs) that will be developed by the STL Lab;
  2. for use in undergraduate, graduate, and community college courses in real estate, urban planning, policy, design, business, and related fields; and worldwide
  3. use at MIT’s own courses, particularly Center for Real Estate, Department of Architecture, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Sloan School of Management. 

The STL Lab will provide financial support to case teams, in exchange for case teams’ ability to actively partner with the STL Lab and meet mutually agreed upon topics as well as deadlines. The STL Lab’s multimedia production team includes web and graphic designers, instructional designers, video producers and editors, writers, and translators. This team will produce the case under the guidance of the case teams through storyboarding, media production, writing and instructional design, and more.

The proposals will ideally be a group of cases that together cover the following topics in development and land use education:

  • Real Estate Economics and Finance
  • Urban Development and Planning
  • Environmentally-sustainable Urban Development
  • Ecosystem Integration in Development
  • Innovative Technology in Building and Infrastructure
  • Health and Wellbeing in Architecture and Development Projects
  • Real Estate Entrepreneurship
  • Social responsibility in Real Estate and Urban Growth Management
  • Real Estate Practice in China
  • Urban Growth and Planning in China

Related News & Events

Danya Sherman, case study initiative manager for the STL Lab, and her team traveled to south Florida to film an MIT Case Study that explores planning in the face of severe weather impacts resulting from climate change.

Last May, the STL Lab’s Case Study Initiative released its inaugural Request for Proposals to solicit our first round of MIT Case Studies. We received 11 applications, and are proud to announce that the following six applications were approved. The research teams will work with the STL Lab’s creative production team over the course of the next year to collaboratively develop unique multimedia, immersive, and thought-provoking learning experiences. Stay tuned for updates regarding the further development of the Case Study Initiative.