Blue Skies Over Beijing: STL Lab's Siqi Zheng Publishes New Work

China is currently the largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world and contains several of the world's most polluted cities. In Blue Skies over Beijing (published by Princeton University Press), Dr. Siqi Zheng and Matthew E. Kahn (University of Southern California) look at life in Chinese cities and how residents of all classes deal with the stresses of pollution. 

In their book, Kahn and Zheng delve into life in China's cities from the personal perspectives of the rich, middle class, and poor, and how they cope with the stresses of pollution. Urban parents in China have a strong desire to protect their children from environmental risk, and calls for a better quality of life from the rising middle class place pressure on government officials to support greener policies. Using the historical evolution of American cities as a comparison, the authors predict that as China's economy moves away from heavy manufacturing toward cleaner sectors, many of China's cities should experience environmental progress in upcoming decades. Looking at pressing economic and environmental issues in urban China, Blue Skies over Beijing shows that a cleaner China will mean more social stability for the nation and the world. Richard Florida (author of Rise of the Creative Class), Edward Glaeser (Harvard University) and Maximilian Auffhammer (University of California, Berkeley) wrote endorsements, and  NatureLibrary Journal and Asian Review of Books published reviews for their book. Dr. Zheng also translated (and rewrote) their book into Chinese, and the Chinese version was published by the CITIC Press. Read more from Princeton University Press. 

Dr. Zheng is the Samuel Tak Lee Associate Professor of Real Estate Development and Entrepreneurship, at MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning, and Center for Real Estate. She is also the Faculty Director of the MIT STL Lab. Prof. Zheng’s field of specialization is urban and environmental economics, urban development and real estate market, with a special focus on China. She published in many peer reviewed English journals including the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and the Journal of Economic LiteratureJournal of Economic PerspectivesJournal of Economic GeographyEuropean Economic ReviewJournal of Urban EconomicsRegional Science and Urban EconomicsTransportation Research Part A, etc, and has two books and over 100 articles published in Chinese.  Prior to coming to MIT, she was a professor and the director of Hang Lung Center for Real Estate at Tsinghua University, China. Read more about Dr. Zheng.