Event Nov/14
Yuan Xiao: Making Land Fly

Dr. Yuan Xiao is an Urban Development Specialist at the World Bank's Middle East and North African region.  She previously worked at Columbia University as an assistant professor in urban planning, and as a postdoctoral research scholar at Columbia Law School.  She obtained her PhD in Urban and Regional Planning from MIT in 2014, with an award-winning dissertation on urbanization and land governance in China.

Professor Sai Balakrishnan is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Design.  Her research focuses on institutions for managing rapid urbanization, comparative land-use planning, and property rights.  She has a PhD in urban planning from Harvard and a Master's of City Planning from MIT.

China's land quota markets virtually transfer urbanization permission from the countryside to cities.  Local governments create new land quotas by demolishing farmhouses, resettling peasant into high-density apartments, and selling quotas to real estate developers.  This talk will focus on how land quota markets alter the traditional calculus of location and land use theory: the rural hinterlands have suddenly become valuable to urban land markets.  The new land quota markets further draw resources away from rural to urban areas, and reinforce the imbalances between big and small cities.