Event May/16
Changfeng Ling: Top-down Planning or the Market? China's Real Estate Industry at a Crossroad

In the past two decades, the real estate sector has been the largest pillar industry of China’s economy. Since China ended its socialist public housing system in 1998, a strong housing market has enabled China’s massive urbanization which is unprecedented in the world in terms of its scale and speed. Today, restrictions imposed on housing prices, purchases, and sales seem to suggest market failure. What could be the fundamental cause for that? What choices is the real estate sector facing today?

Changfeng Ling first joined Beijing Premium Real Estate Limited as assistant deputy director. In 2005, he joined Hongkong Land and has held a series of increasingly senior positions in the Department of Residential Property, China. Ling also held a number of management appointments with companies in Chongqing in which Hongkong Land invested. In these roles, he gained extensive property development and management experience. In June 2015, he was appointed head of residential property, China.

As executive director, appointed April 2017, he is responsible for Chinese property. His current responsibilities focus on identifying and managing all residential and mixed-use property investments in China. Ling also plays an active role in the business community, and he is chair of the Jardine Sports Association Southwest Branch.